“A touching story about inclusion and the importance of finding strength within.”

David Ebershoff Award winning novelist, author of “The Danish Girl”

“Natalie Gonchar clearly introduces the concepts of bullying, disability, and self-confidence, in an up-beat and really charming story. ”

J.A.Herring, MD, Chief of Staff Emeritus Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children

”This book is an example of Inclusionary literature.Those books are important and we need more inclusionary books where a character who has a disability is included in storyline but the story is NOT about a disability. It is a book about bullying and is for ALL children.”

Joan Blaska Professor, author, journalist

“An amusing and encouraging … story about resisting bullies.”

Kirkus Reviews

“This is an exceptionally well-written story, very clear and using simple language, told in an engaging way that draws you into the events. It tackles the age-old problem of bullying…And if you have to believe in a little magic to get there, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Reader’s Favorite
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Mr. Gringle’s Magical Wheelchair tells the story of a brave girl who gains the confidence to stand up to bullies at her school. Proceeds from the book sales benefit Big Dreams Children’s Foundation, which provides medical, financial, and emotional support for kids with disabilities around the world.

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